“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” These famous words of Benjamin Franklin speak to the importance of preparation. One task that teachers spend a lot of time doing outside of the school day and often behind the scenes is in preparation. Each lesson takes a lot of planning in order to be effective. The amount of time teachers spend preparing each lesson and unit can be considerable. When one adds all the other things that encompass a school day, week, and year; the amount of time spent preparing can be ominous. As we enter the month of August, it is good to consider the things being done to prepare for the new academic year at Christ Lutheran School (CLS).

If one enters the building, they will see that a lot is being done in the classrooms. The kindergarten room has moved to the classroom nearest the bathroom in the lower elementary wing of the building. To accommodate this, our Kindergarten, 1st/2nd, and 3rd/4th grade teachers have been busy this summer moving to new classrooms all while cleaning, painting and all the things needed to be done to make the room ready for the new year. Furthermore, much work is being done to create a more centralized tech lab and library in what was last year’s 5th grade room.

In addition to the things being done in the classrooms, teachers are busy improving their skills. A couple of our teachers will be attending GoogleFest which is intended to help teachers become more effective and efficient with tools provided by Google Drive for classroom use. In mid-August our teachers will be attending a regional conference to learn of effective traits of family centered ministry with the help of Professor Ben Freudenburg, Director of the Concordia Center for the Family.

August is an exciting month in the life of the teacher. It is still summer, but for the teacher the mind starts wander back to the classroom and thinking about the year ahead. Preparations are taking place at CLS to ensure that this year is a good one. May it be so, and to God be the glory.

Neil F. Webb