Being the principal of a Lutheran School is a wonderful vocation. Every day I get to greet the students as they enter the building. On a daily basis, I get to interact with students of different backgrounds and grade levels. Over the course of the year, I get to know each student a little bit. I get to observe as improvements start to fall into place and become a regular part of the operation of the school. Every day in a Lutheran school is different. I often say that as principal I am never watching the clock but often find myself fighting against it as there never seems enough time in the day. Despite all the changes that happen, there is one aspect of our Lutheran Schools that never changes; that is that they are rooted in the teachings of Jesus.

In the average day, a lot happens that makes my job interesting. I wander through the halls of the school and into the classrooms at random times during the day. While this is often an opportunity for me to break the monotony of my office, it does provide a chance for me to observe what is happening in our classrooms. I enjoy these times of walking into our classrooms because I get to see the great things that our teachers do to help make learning exciting. Sometimes it’s as simple as watching a class that is engrossed in a great story for reading. Other times it is watching students working in groups to complete a project in math or science. In addition, a portion of my day is dedicated to teaching middle school history where the discussions are always interesting for me.

If you dig a little deeper in all the things that happen on a regular basis as mentioned above, you will see the influence of Jesus on all that we do at Christ Lutheran School (CLS). The teachings of Jesus are part of the lessons in reading, writing, arithmetic, in addition to the religion lessons. Teachers and students are expected to treat each other with love and respect as Jesus teaches. When we fall short, we ask for and receive forgiveness.

The last full week of January, students of Christ Lutheran celebrated National Lutheran Schools Week. The theme of National Lutheran Schools Week was “It’s still all about Jesus”. As a part of the weekly celebrations, CLS students took part in many activities. Daily, the students and teachers met for school-wide devotions. One day the 8th-grade students played the parents and faculty in a game of volleyball (the adults won). One day, students worked with their chapel families to make lap blankets for a local Hospice center. In all of these things, it is clear that Jesus unites us. He is the reason CLS is here. Over the years things have changed, but at CLS it’s still about Jesus.

Neil F. Webb

January 2018