YearTheme“Every year the students return to school a little bigger, and I, a little grayer.” This, and many others sayings like it are common among teachers and those who work with children and youth. The first day of school is filled with looks of wonder at how the students are a little taller. As the year passes, it is quite a spectacle to observe just how the kids grow. Pictures taken in August are often contemplated in June. Serving in the field of education is a constant reminder that time is passing and that things are changing.

Every year the feeling in the building is just a bit different too as last year’s graduates are no longer in the building. One student added or subtracted from a classroom changes the dynamic in the room, the same can be said of a school building. All of this can be met with sadness and longing for the way that things used to be. While this is a normal and healthy reaction, to do so is to ignore the opportunities right before us. Every year a new class enters the building, and with them new families join the Christ Lutheran Family.  

As of this writing, it is almost October, yet the new school year seems fresh and new. Students and teachers are still getting acclimated to new classrooms and schedules. The newly painted walls are without scuffs and dust. Backpacks and back-to-school clothes are still without holes, well most of them anyway. With all of the newness, the focus in the building is still on graduation. The focus of our teachers is to prepare our students to advance to the next level, with the end goal of preparedness for high school.

With all this change and growth it can leave a parent wanting things to stay the same, if only for a little while. It is good for us to focus on our creator who set in motion this process of maturation. Being a Lutheran school, this focus on our creator permeates all that we do. In that sense, our students do not truly graduate until that time which Our Lord has chosen for all His children. It may be this year. It may be the next. Only He knows.

A former student of CLS sums up the importance of this kind of education which regards the inclusion of our creator in all that we teach and do. When asked on a survey about how CLS prepared him for his current school, the 2016 graduate answered, “CLS has helped me adjust to Bridgman by reminding me of what God did for me on the cross. Christ Lutheran has also given me a great education which has transitioned over to Bridgman, thanks to all of the great teachers and staff of CLS”

Neil F. Webb

September 2017