What We Believe

what-we-believeWe believe that the Holy Scriptures are the inspired and inerrant Word of God. As such, the Bible is the source and norm of the teachings we believe and profess.

On the basis of these Holy Scriptures…

  • We believe in the One true God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, as set forth in the Apostles’, Nicene and Athanasian Creeds.
  • We believe that God created all things from nothing by the power of His Word and that He continues to preserve and sustain His creation by that same power.
  • We believe that man was created in the image of God, but that the original knowledge, righteousness and holiness of that image were lost to Adam and Eve, and to their descendants, through the fall into sin.
  • We believe that because of this fallen sinful nature all people are unable to do anything to save themselves from their sin and its consequences.
  • We believe that the eternal Son of God came to our world and became fully human, while at the same time retaining all of His divine nature, so that, for us, He might fulfill the requirements and penalties of God’s holy Law.
  • We believe that it is through God-given faith in Jesus Christ that we receive forgiveness of sin, eternal life and all the other blessings of salvation…as the free gift of God’s grace.
  • We believe that this saving faith is created and sustained by the gracious working of the Holy Spirit working through the Gospel in God’s Word and Sacraments.
  • We believe that we are justified in God’s sight by grace, through faith alone, for the sake of Christ’s work of atonement.
  • We believe that any good works or qualities in an individual Christian in no way contribute to his justification, but such goodness is the natural result of God’s work of salvation.

If you would like to learn more about knowing Christ as your Savior or if you would like to learn more about being a part of Christ Lutheran Church, we would welcome the chance to talk with you about this most important matter.