Our Ministries

ministryThe ministry of Christ Evangelical Lutheran Church can be summed up in two words: Mission and Ministry.

The word “mission” means “to be sent.” Christ’s final commission to His disciples was to “Go… and make disciples of all nations.” To this end, we train and send out Evangelism Callers into homes in our community. We also offer Bible Classes and Workshops specifically designed to help all of our members become effective witnesses in their daily lives. This spirit of “Mission” is the driving force behind all that we do, from our weekly worship services, to our Christian day school. It is our prayer and intention that ever facet of our ministry would be an opportunity to reach more and more people with the good news of God’s love for us in Jesus Christ.

Even as we believe that we are sent out to bring new people into God’s Kingdom, we also believe that we are given the responsibility and privilege of helping one another to grow in faith. For this reason we place great emphasis on Ministry, especially the faithful administration of the Sacraments of Baptism and Holy Communion. We also do all we can to teach all of our members, especially our children, the saving truths of God’s Word. In addition to these ministries of Word and Sacrament, we strive to keep our faith strong by providing opportunities for Christian fellowship, as well as opportunities of our members to put their faith to work in Christian service to the ill, the elderly, the bereaved and many others.